Monday, February 12, 2018

Street Fighter V AE Blanka trailer....SMH

OMG Capcom has just released the trailer for Blanka aka "The Scrubs Champ"!
I can't even believe what I just witnessed....there are gonna be a shit ton of people being admitted to the ER for Sodium overdose!!!
The Story costume is hilarious and I'm actually surprised he's coming out this month! 8 days until Jimmy the Sodium dealer is unleashed. yay

Friday, February 9, 2018

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 2/8/18 - 2/15/18.

Thursday night marks the third week of AE and this weeks set of missions went live at 11PM EST. This weeks mission are Perform a combo 10X for 50FM, Play a trial for 250FM, use fight request to play a Casual Match for 500FM, and You Toucan be Friends, I'll post a video of the requirements for those new to SFV...

Go to Versus Mode, Choose Versus CPU, set the difficulty to 1 (for an easier life), choose Hillside Plaza Stage, pick your opponent, and beat your opponent on the right side of the stage be sure to continually hit the opponent so the Toucan can steal a piece of fruit!
After I completed the weekly Missions I moved on to XBM, and the fourth [Quick and Immovable] fight is now available from 2/8/18 - 2/15/18, remember the entry fee is 2.5k FM! I don't play Rashidooo but I figured since I started collecting the gems I might as well finish.

This weeks XBM fight is against a Shadaloo Apparation (Shin Bison) just like last week this battle DOES NOT reward you with FM! This XBM will cost 1000FM and beating him will earn you 10k EXP and or a title for the character you use. And you can fight him as many times as you want! Good luck with that! I went into this fight blind and I ended up running from Shin Bison the whole match LMAO! I'll post this as a public service so you can see what you're in store for.

This weeks missions will net you 3,300 FM then subtract 2,500 FM for the Viewtiful Joe crossover costume and then another 1000 FM for fighting the Shadaloo Apparation XBM you're actually -200FM for the first time you fight Shin Bison! I've tried twice so far so I'm down 1200 FM!
Happy Fighting and be sure to manage your FM folks!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Marvel carpet bombs us with Trailers! DCEU execs reaction....Venom 1:16

Marvel Studios has declared the mic against DC by dropping more trailers than the DCEU has good movies......ooooh harsh. Sorry.
January 30th we got the Antman and Wasp announcement trailer.

Sunday February 4th we got a new trailer for Avengers Infinity War Pt 1

Wednesday February 7th we got a new trailer for Deadpool2 introducing Cable.

And we also got a trailer for season 2 of Jessica Jones!

And today we finally got our first trailer for the Eddy Brock movie staring Tom Hardy!👽

After watching this trailer READ THE 1:16 COMMENTS!!!! LMFAO!!!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Super Bowl Trailer aka the veloceraper trailer....

This trailer felt like Aliens to me!  Like the first scene totally had me remembering Newt asking Ripley about real monsters, and the the red blip scene and what ever that new dinosaur was coming out of a tunnel also felt very Aliensish to me. And the scene where Blue was being airlifted off Isla wherever it is I was expecting Sarah McLachlan to pop on the screen asking for donations.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Solo Trailer... too little too late?

With 110 days till release does this trailer alter anyone's intrest level for this? It wasn’t even a full trailer! What’s wrong with humanity where we need teaser trailers for a trailer?! That was a highly forgettable 45 seconds!
I found it quite interesting that one of the first lines in the trailer has an Imp saying "trust me, you'll love it".....blatant
I’ll edit this tomorrow after I see the full trailer.

OK so they dropped the full trailer minutes ago.....I dunno it didn't grab me..Woody's line about putting together a crew was clearly a way to connect to Han's line in TFA when he offers a Rey a job.
And did they just show Sana Calrissian/Solo???

Ehrenreich is no Ford.....

psst you're still here? Watch this's proabably better.

Friday, February 2, 2018

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 2/1/18 - 2/8/18.

Thursday night this weeks set of missions went live and this week we have Check the rankings via CFN, Play a ranked match, perform a throw 10X, and Datta's Wish, I'll post a video of the requirements for those new to SFV...

Choose Dhalsim and beat a CPU opponent on the apprentice Alley stage. BAM easy 2.5 K (ggrrrr). Next I went to Extra Battle Mode and the third [Quick and Immovable] fight is now available from 2/1/18 - 2/8/18, remember the entry fee is 2.5k FM! I don't play Rashidooo but I figured since I started collecting the gems I might as well finish.

This weeks XBM fight is against the Rapidly Advancing Shadaloo Grunt DOES NOT reward you with FM! Speaking of, this week brings us our second encounter with a Shadaloo Grunt! This XBM will cost 500 FM and beating him will earn you 10k EXP for the character you use, net is really 28,500 EXP taking the entry fee into account. And you can fight him 3 times which will net ya 30K EXP!

 So between the weeklies and the XBM you won't earn much FM this week but that 28.5k EXP helped push my Karin over the hump to level 45. Last week Capcom gave us a heads up on 3 new up coming Cross Over Costumes for Ken, R Mika and Ibuki. I might be inclined to get the Kirin costume for Ibuki as I do play her on occasion. The schedules overlap so be careful you're fighting the correct XBM for the correct armor peice! If you're Scrooge McDuck and have a coffer full of  FM the all 3 Monster Hunter Cross over Costumes will set you back 30k FM!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Solo A Missing Star Wars Trailer

Let me preface this post with with this...
I was never, ever, since it's announcement interested in this movie. In my humble opinion there's no need for it, I don't need to see Han win at sabbacc to take the Falcon from Lando, I don't need to see how Chewbacca and Han's bromance is formed, I don't need to see Han do the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs, I still have some imagination left!

And after the Last Jedi's controversial run (I still want to see it a few more times before passing judgement) and less than stellar reception by fans and the general public coupled with the drama with Lord and Miller getting canned from the Solo movie, and the rumors about Alden Ehrenreich's acting abilities, and the rumors that 80% of the film had to be re shot when Ron Howard came on board....honestly shit ain't Rainbows and Unicorns for Disney/ Lucasfilm right now. Who's steering this ship? Steamboat Willy??
I don't understand why the internet is in such an uproar over this missing trailer, from all the shit I mentioned previously the chances of this movie being good isn't very good.
We'll most likely get the trailer in 10 days on Superbowl Sunday February 4th. So that' gives the interwebs 110 days to analyze and re analyze every frame of the trailer and come up with theories that will eventually let yourselves and everyone who bought your cool aid down a dark path of anger, hate and suffering!

Now where's my Kenobi movie! The Passion of the Kenobi!!!

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 1/25/ - 2/1/18.

At the stroke of 11pm EST last night this weeks set of missions went live and this week we have CFN replay search, enter (or create) a battle lounge, activate V trigger 10X, and Sleeping Dogs, I'll post a video of the requirements for those new to SFV...

Basically just get the dog laying on the ground on the left side of the stage to get up by beating your opponents ass. BAM easy 2.5 K (ggrrrr).
Next I went to Extra Battle Mode and the second [Quick and Immovable] fight is now available from 1/25/18 - 2/1/18, remember the entry fee is 2.5k FM! I don't play Rashidooo but I figured since I started collecting the gems I might as well finish plus I'll make it back beating the Middle Class Shadaloo Grunt!

Speaking of, this week brings us our first encounter with a Golden Shadaloo Soldier! This XBM will cost 500 FM and beating him will earn you 2.5k FM, net is really 2k FM taking the entry fee into account. And you can fight him 3 times which will net ya 6K FM!

So between the weeklies and the Golden Shadaloo Soldier you can earn close to 10k FM. Going forward I will only do the Crossover Costumes for characters I play, it makes zero sense spending 10k FM for a costume set for a character you don't play.
Folks manage your FM so you can afford the season 3 characters when they launch!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Star Wars Rebels mid season 4 trailer

With the state of the Galaxy in turmoil with Episode VIII dividing the fans down the middle and utterly failing in China and no sign of the trailer for Han Solo (4 months away) I'm happy to finally get this trailer for the second half of the final season of SWR!
I'm curious about what Sheev means when he say's "Ezra Bridger....mine at last"

And who is Ezra talking to in this scene???

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Game Review Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

I never reviewed the initial launch of SFV back in February 2016....there wasn't much to say. The game play was tight as is expected with Capcom's flagship fighting game.
The new direction they were taking with DLC and scheduled updates was met with skepticism from most and the apparent lack of content at launch was met with an extremely high serving of salt as we say in the FGC.
I've been actively playing SFV since March 26th 2016 and as of this writing I have earned enough FM (fight money) to purchase  Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Akuma, Kolin, Abigail, Menat, Zeku and most recently Sakura (yesterday) without dropping a dime of real money. That's 900K FM, I've also been able to purchase many of the DLC stages with FM, some I dropped RM but I'm one of those who must have every stage! Ugh the memories of SFIV's stages still give me night terrors!
I'm sure I'm gonna get roasted for saying this by MANY MANY people but I was fine with SFV in it was at as of 1/15/18, I get it that there are those that don't want to play online and are content with off line game play and want to just keep playing the CPU and challenging themselves to get a higher score and see if they can beat the game at max stars with no continues. I'm no longer one of those people, I crave the challenge of beating a real person on the other side! I do still want some sort of story for the helps make the characters more relateable.....that's why I'll never use RM or FM on Ed (douche bag character)...
So when we got the Cinematic Story Mode in June 2016 that was a great addition which, in my opinion, was more impressive than some still images with text at the end of each characters run thru arcade mode to explain they're story. I enjoyed the experience and look forward to a continuation of the Cinematic Story mode this year as we creep ever closer to Gill and the rise of the Illuminati.
And then we have the Weekly Missions that net about 6k-9k FM + Survival Mode (Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell) that was another source of FM and XP + Character Trials + Tutorials......There was plenty of FM out there to grab if you were inclined.
So here we are in the third season of a game many said was DOA when it launched with a roster of 29 characters, 24 stages, Arcade Mode that spans the ENTIRE franchise history...that's over 200 endings! Art Gallery, Team Battle (offline), Extra Battle Mode which I actually dabbled with last night.
So as of yesterday there were 2 Extra Battles available Shin Akuma Strikes (1000 FM entry fee) and [Quick & Immovable] Get the Crossover Costume (2500FM entry fee) I spent the 2k (2X) FM trying to beat Shin THAT was an ass whoopin I won't soon forget!
Then I tried the Quick and Immovable Extra Battle after beating Viewtiful Joe the first time I earned the boots "gem" but then it sank in that I would need to fight Joe at least 3 more times to get the other 3 "gems" but there's a chance you may not get the gem when you win! You might get XP or FM so there's a 33.3% chance of getting the gem you need. So after 3 games and only getting 1 of 4 gems and 2 XP boosts I called it quits, I don't play Rashid anyway. My initial feeling is that X.B.M. could be a huge FM sink so fighter beware....

I also tried out Arcade Mode and breezed thru SF1 with Ryu, almost got double perfects on all 4 matches. The cool thing is now there are weekly missions that tie into arcade mode, like yesterday the first mission connected to Arcade Mode was achieve a score of 100,000 or greater....easy breezy FM!
All this great new content plus all the modes that we previously had such as Survival Mode, Training Mode, Cinematic Story Mode, Ranked/Casual/ Battle Lounge and Trials!
And here's my first match using Sakura