Saturday, November 18, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi "Heroes"

The above video opens with a shot that we'd previously seen in the first trailer. Finn is in some sort of medical tube that is helping him recover from the battle with Kylo Ren on Starkiller base; the tube seems to be traveling across the planes of Crait. But he suddenly and violently awakens from his coma, with just one thing on his mind: Rey. When he lost consciousness, Rey was about to take up Luke's lightsaber and fight Kylo Ren herself. She was eventually victorious, but Finn was seriously injured in the skirmish.

Luckily for Finn, it appears his good buddy Poe is also at the Resistance base on Crait at the same time. He knows Finn must have a billion questions, but Rey seems to be the former Stormtrooper's only priority. This will no doubt be a bummer for all those Star Wars fans hoping the pair would become a romantic couple themselves. But Finn once again seems wholly enamored by Rey, as he was during their first adventure together.

Other characters and heroes are seen throughout the new trailer, although Finn eventually comes back to the forefront during his epic looking battle with Captain Phasma. John Boyega's voice is heard over the action, as he reveals how it feels to finally have a mission and purpose. This in stark opposition to what we've been hearing about Finn's plot in The Last Jedi. It seems the heroes will all be tempted by the Dark Side in the new sequel, and Finn will wonder whether or not he really belongs in The Resistance at all. Although the overall plot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a big mystery, it's clear that the folks over at Disney and Lucasfilm are pleased with the work of director Rian Johnson. After Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow dropped out of helming Episode IX, it was reported that Johnson was asked. But rather than simply directing another sequel, he'll have an even more important in the franchise. Because Rian Johnson is developing a new trilogy of films apart from the main narrative, allowing the galaxy far, far away to be expanded like never before.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will arrive in theaters on December 15th

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Star Wars Rebels S4 E3 & E4 In the Name of the Rebellion

As Kanan tells Ezra in this episode "all paths are coming together" which is clearly evident when the Ghost arrives on Yavin IV and Zeb and Callus greet them. Shortly afterwards Hera "crashes" the reunion.
I really enjoyed these two episodes, not so much for the story that took place in it,which was good, but rather for how these two episode add to the connective threads between the PT, R1 and the OT!
I'm not clear where R1 falls in the BBY timeline, but if I were to guess 1 or 0 BBY so these episodes in season 4 are probably 2/3 BBY so as we get nearer to December my attention is becoming more and more intense to see if any of these characters in SWR cause ripples that will affect events in the ST (most notably Thrawn).
I also really appreciate the way the politics are being handled in recent years compared to george's heavy handed approach in the PT. A great example is the scene between Saw and Mon Mothma at the beginning of this episode there is a clear divide in this fledgling rebellion of how to fight the Empire. And there are arguments for and against both Gerrera's and Mothma's stances. And seeing young Ezra torn between both is a great representation of young adults in RL that find themselves "undecided" on real world politics and politicians!
The second episode was very enjoyable also because it felt a little like a noir mystery. We all know what the Empire's "super weapon" is, the fun is seeing how Saw is the ONLY one in the Rebellion who is on the right track to uncovering the truth. Unfortunately his methods have alienated him as extremist and thus the Rebellion doesn't learn about project Stardust until there's only the most minuscule bit of Hope left.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Star Wars Rebels S4 E1 & E2 Heroes of Mandalore

Season 4 kicked off here in the States yesterday, I enjoyed it. Gonna try and stay as spoiler free as possible....
I found Ezra’s antics just slightly less annoying than Jar Jar.
The sexual tension between Kanan and Hera is over 9000!!!
Gar Saxon’s brother said Palpatine....I don’t think the Emperors name has been mentioned in this series yet, they’ve said “the Emperor” but not Palpatine.
Nice to see Thrawn is still very much a part of the battle with the Rebels.
So what is Vader been up to since his battle against Ashoka???
The Dutchess totally reminded me of a Zentradi battle pod!
Can you imagine if the Empire had macronized Sabines weapon for the Death Star!?! So much for a trench run...
The highlight for me was seeing the return of Bo Katan! Kudo’s To the voice actor, she nailed Bo Katans somber attitude! And I love that she has accepted the Dark Sabre!!!
Dear Dave and Pablo more Bo Katan Please!

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Last Jedi trailer #2 Thoughts and Impressions

Initial feelings after 2 views so far
Porgs are the new Ewoks.
Luke is scared of Rey???
Snoke isn't talking to Kylo
Gorilla Walkers....meh
Where’s Lando!
Is Chewie using ancient Bothan pearl cream? he looks younger than in TFA!
Wow Rey still has both appendages!
Oh Kylo you’re not gonna do it.
I’ll try spinning, that’s a good trick.
Snoke and the amazing technicolor bathrobe!
I still don’t care about Phasma, Poe or Finn.....
The trailer is cleverly spliced to make it look like Rey is talking to Kylo at the end....she's not. Although a Rey and Kylo double team would be fresh! Always two there are....
If the rumors are true about Snoke, he is Disney / LFL doorway to the Old Republic and I think we're gonna see Luke, Rey and Kylo work together to defeat Snoke.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Movie Review IT

I never saw IT originally, so I decided to see IT, I don't like Clowns but I was like fuck IT, I'm a big boy now how scary could IT possibly be!?
IT WAS disturbing scary, not cheap-jump-out-of-your-seat scary! IT reminded me why I dislike clowns and old condemned houses in the neighborhood that all the kids say is haunted.
The make up and effects used for Pennywise were never overdone yet his presence in any scene stole the scene! Along with Pennywise the sets and atmosphere masterfully captured everything that makes children hide under their bed sheets at night!
I didn't recognize any of the child actors but they all did a fantastic job, the group reminded me of movies like the Goonies and Monster Squad but more serious. It's very a narrow line that horror movies walk when there are child actors involved and IT reached that limit with poping the ballon if you get what I mean.
Pennywise  wise scared the shIT out of me and I'm a grown ass adult! My 7 year old son told me a kid in his 2nd grade class watched either I'm a big wuss or my son's friend is full of shIT.
I haven't seen a good horror movie in so long this was welcome change from the annual Saw flicks and Insidious sequels!
Growing Up my best friend's family had a summer house that we's go to to occasionally and there was a guest room that was decorated floor to ceiling with clowns.....I opted to sleep down in the bottom floor where I could hear mice scampering across the ceiling tiles in stead of the "clown room".

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rebels S4 Trailer 2

The 2nd trailer for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels just came out and based on the timeline the series should bleed nicely into Rogue One and provide a smooth transition for Director Krennic, and perhaps some easter eggs for the December release of The Last Jedi. I'm very curious about the fate of Grand Admiral Thrawn!
I'm also very excited to see the return of Bo Katan....seems like the dark Sabre keeps coming around to her.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Windjammers Launch Trailer is solid gold!

I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 days I've seen the spectrum of video game commercials and trailers and this one is so keenly aware of awfulness it has risen to greatness! I don't quite understand how this game was in contention to be at EVO this year but this 23 year old Neo Geo game totaly reminds me of Super Dodge Ball for the NES!
There needs to be a Video Game trailer/Commercial awards show and this needs to win!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Netflix Voltron Season 3 Review

Season three of Voltron Legendary Defender was shorter than the previous two seasons by 6 episodes and it was noticeable because each of the seven episodes was near perfect! And the season finale was incredible!
What Episode 7 "The Legend Begins" has done is to elevate Emperor Zarkon, Prince Lotor and Haggar beyond the 1 dimensional (I used that word on purpose) villains they were in the original US TV series, it made these 3 tragic hero's and in doing so opened the flood gates of story potential.
Within the first 5 seconds when Haggard taps into Zarkon's sub conscience memories and see's the Altean girl (Honerva) I knew right then and there we were going to be witness to the tragic fall of Zarkon and the confrontation between him and his closest friend and ally King Alfor. Their story felt very similar to Obi Wan and Anakin's fate.

I really like the new Lotor, he may look the same but this Lotor has piloting skills that would make Isamu Alva Dyson blush, and he is quite the military and political strategist on Par with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

After watching the season I'm gonna make a prediction that Lotor's team, which happens to mirror the Voltron Paladins will each be piloting a vehicle made from the multi dimensional comet Lotor acquires in episode 30 "Hole in the Sky". And these vehicles will combine to form a giant robot equal to Voltron!

And here's the teaser trailer for season 4!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Street Fighter V S2 DLC battle for your FM! Ed or Abigail

Season 2 of SFV has certainly been a bit divisive for the FGC, so last week the 4th DLC character was revealed at EVO and as previously leaked it was Abigail from Final Fight. The previous DLC character was Ed the little boy Balrog grabbed as the S.I.N facility was crumbling down in SFIV. We got a free beta where we could try him out....I did and between his unorthodox move set, his theme and overall character design I passed.
I did however get Abigail, and IDGAF what anyone says yeah his head is small and he's wearing tires as fashion accessories but you know what? Beating Ed with Abigail is extremely satisfying and unlike my main character IDGAF if I lose with him......HE'S FUN TO PLAY WITH!!
So if you only had FM to get one of these two which would you choose?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One (Movie Trailer)

If you’re wondering how Steven Spielberg will bring the dystopian, VR-heavy world of Ready Player One to life, you can get your first real glimpse in the trailer (technically, a teaser for San Diego Comic Con) above.

The film is based on Ernest Cline’s novel — a book that’s been recommended to me many times as one of the best depictions of virtual reality and gaming in fiction. (Sorry, I still haven’t read it!)

One of the story’s main elements is a virtual world called OASIS. What we see of OASIS in the trailer might not feel terribly visually distinctive, but it certainly looks fun and flashy, throwing together a hodgepodge of pop culture references.

Spielberg discussed the film at Comic Con, where he described it as “the most amazing flash-forward and flashback at the same time about a decade I was very involved in, the ’80s, and a flash-forward to a future that is awaiting all of us, whether we like it or not.”